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Thank you for the interview, Citizens of Humanity Brand Magazine

Happy about this one! Profile in Juxtapoz Magazine - February 2014

B-SIDES feature for New York based creative agency, ALLDAYEVERYDAY. Thanks Jackie!

A conversation with Études

Photos by Nicolas Poillot.
Thanks also to Aurelian and Jeremie!

Thank you for the interview Wild at Heart..

"Self taught creative Jennilee Marigomen personifies a paradigm shift in the way we interpret habitual art and the happenstance phenomenon of photography.

Currently living and working in Vancouver, the dissension that tethers nature to it's constructs is consistent across the cityscape and equally as prominent in her photographs. In this examination the perpetual displacement between the wild landscape and the simulated environment yield a profundity and mystique that defines Marigomen's vision.

The painterly compositions and unexpected subtleties of her work impart an equity of form and a spectrum so vivid and emotive that they're often aligned with a specific level of concentration and contemplation. It's through this consummate evocation of light, roused by her meditative process where she investigates a sensitivity often reserved exclusively for the reverent. Being privy to her second sight is a spiritual experience, transcending formalities, empyrean beyond a doubt." - Zoe Marianne


Paved Over Snail Hopscotch Court, 2012, from “Half Full”

"In a city like Vancouver that is renowned for its photography, it takes something really special to catch our eye in this crowded arena. Jennilee Marigomen’s work looks at what much photography produced in this city does: urban spaces, as well as our relationship with and the tension between the natural world and the built environment. But her images contain a blatantly beautiful poetic whimsy, as well as the sense that you are privy to a moment which is simultaneously ordinary and extraordinary, distinguishing her from the pack. Although Jennilee works with found scenes, stumbling upon what she captures with her lens, her photographs are rigorous in their formal qualities of composition, and painterly in their balance of form and colour as well as her masterful portrayal of light. Last year, she released her first book/blue zine, Seconde Nature with Paris based publisher, Je Suis une Bande de Jeunes, and she was also named The Magenta Foundation’s Flash Forward Emerging Photographer."

- A kind excerpt from my interview with Here and Elsewhere, an online magazine by Emmy Lee and Stephanie Rebick from the Vancouver Art Gallery

thank you to the new york times!

Looking forward to this!

The Plant Journal No. 1 (Barcelona)

Mark Borthwick
Yukinori Maeda
Jennilee Marigomen
Sheltens & Abbenes
Dylan vs Young
Stephen Eichhorn
Lope Serrano
Antonio Luque
Ignacio Moralejo
Troublesome Houses in NYC
Amy Wu
Luis Cerveró
My own little Garden
Diego Bustamante
Monograph on Staghorn Fern


(Collage made by Simon at Inventory. Mine is #4)

Honored to be in the company of Skye Parrott, Peter Sutherland, Nacho Alegre, Paul Schiek, Nicholas Gottlund, Sophie Morner, and Thomas Jeppe in Ken Miller's feature on photographers who are also editors, publishers, and curators - for Mexico-based Celeste Magazine. Ken Miller is the writer of Shoot- Photography of The Moment, curator, and former Editor in Chief of Tokion Magazine. This blog post is a bit belated, but stil something I wanted to share.

An excerpt:
"First a bit about me: late last year I published a book called SHOOT that collected work from about 20 photographers working in an informal ‘point and shoot’ style, with contributions from Nan Goldin, Stephen Shore, Wolfgang Tillmans, Juergen Teller, Mark Borthwick, and younger photographers such as Peter Sutherland, Nacho Alegre, Paul Schiek and Thomas Jeppe. The accessibility and naturalness of their photos is inspiring for even informal photographers, while the subtle skill required to create such seemingly effortless images also demands respect. This was the second book that I’ve been fortunate enough to edit and curate, and I was incredibly proud to be able to work with these photographers. The only problem was that, the better I got to know their work, the more I felt like my role had become irrelevant. Photographers are now acting as their own curators and publishers, creating independent networks (both in print and on the web) to support each other and to promote images they find influential. And really, shouldn’t you trust their opinion more than mine?"

"In contrast to the other photographers in this issue, Jennilee Marigomen has eschewed print for more ephemeral media. A partner in the online-only 01 Magazine (which despite its name, is strictly a website), she has seen her work extensively reposted and reblogged, making her something of a viral star among the new generation of web-savvy curators. Marigomen has also been influential in starting a series of outdoor slide-show events, showcasing the work of photographers through public exhibitions in her hometown of Vancouver, Los Angeles and (soon) San Francisco. Originally titled Night Vision and since renamed Stream, the remarkably simple to execute projection exhibitions have inspired imitators in remote venues such as Vilnius, Lithuania. Marigomen’s own dreamy photos are the perfect accompaniment to a warm summer night." – Ken Miller

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